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Avatar – Dawn of a new age (6 out of 6 stars) – “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Eye Candy.”

Fox has not revealed the production cost of Avatar. But NY Times
estimated it to be around $460 million.
Apparently no problem, as it broke all records in december with a
total take of more than $236 million.
And is now on its way to a potential near billion dollars in global receipts.


Surely the stunning 3D graphics must be the cause of this.
The so-so storyline (where an alien tribe, the Na’vi, on the distant
planet of Pandora fights to save their forest home,
from human invaders bent on mining the planet) seems way to ‘flat’ to
generate that much
Sure tha Na’vi are blue, and sure the mining company has brought in
ex-marines for ‘security’
and will stop at nothing, not even genocide. Still it somehow isnt all
that interesting.
We kind of heard that story before – Dances with Wolfes, Pocahontas.

// Recently all the good people, are the ones who does not have all
the stuff of civilisation –
They are free from schedules, jobs, bosses, bills,
traffic, taxes, laws, news and money. Free from worry.
And their entire life is one insanely committed camping trip. Then
comes civilisation –
and then they are unhappy again (See the december issue of National Geographic
on the Hadza People of Tanzania). //

But the 3d graphics sure is interesting!
At long last civilisation produced something that could bring us right
back to nature again ? 🙂 Without the hazards of nature though !

And this is where you simply gotta ‘Stop Worrying and Love the Eye Candy’ !

Apparently Blu-Ray 3D for the living rooms is coming right up.
Working with your good old PS3 (after a firmware update?)

The crap part is that you probably have to go out and buy a
new 3D HDTV (if you are not on the list?)

Looking at NVIDIA’s 3D Vision


It also looks like 3d gaming is about to hit the big time.
Thats good old virtual reality coming one step closer for sure!

and lot of games already has an excellent mark – so thats just go out
there and buy the stuff !

System Requirements for the computer is no worry –
Microsoft® Windows® Vista 32-bit or 64-bit
Intel® Core™2 Duo or AMD Athlon™ X2 CPU or higher
1GB of system memory. (2GB is recommended)
100 MB free disk space

You just kind of wonder/worry what the 100 inch 3d TV is gonna cost?
(you >>will need<< the 100 inch for your games obviously).

Then we just need some good games (that can bring us back to
nature again?) –
then its all

“How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Eye Candy.”


2010 is going to be a great year !



The Hadza people of Tanzania:
Are free from schedules, jobs, bosses, bills, traffic, taxes, laws,
news and money.
Frem from worry.

Their entire life is one insanely committed camping trip.
Its incredible risky. Medical help is far away. One bad fall
from a tree, one bite from a black mamba snake,
one lunge from a lion and you are dead.

The Hazda are not sentimental. They dont do extended goodbyes.
When someone dies, there is no funeral,
no service. They just toss a few twigs on top of a grave.
And they walk away.

Hazda dont keep time. They dont engage in warfare.
They dont own anything.

For more than 99 percent of the time since the Homo
arose 2 million years ago we all lived as hunter gatherers.
The came villages, cities and nations.

Hazdas “work”, i.e. pursue food, four to six hours
a day. The rest is leisure time.

National Geographic, December 2009.

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