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Extraterrestrial Minds – What is out there?

From: Simon Laub
Newsgroups: rec.arts.sf.written,rec.arts.sf.science,comp.society.futures
Sent: Sunday, August 28, 2011 12:38 AM
Subject: Extraterrestrial Minds – What is out there?

Been wondering what is out there?
And have been googling for a complete list of all what might be out there?

Well, not completely satisfied with the search results, I have compiled
my own list – which you can see here:

It is an attempt to list some of the different kinds of intelligences that
might lurk out there in deep space and beyond.

Note, according to biologist Richard Dawkins, we humans live in the ”middle
We are not small like atoms, and we are not big like galaxies. We are in the
”middle”. And obviously, our brains were designed to live in ”middle
world”, and to understand ”middle world”. Our brains were not designed to
understand the world of the very small or of the very large.
This may very well cause us to miss a lot of minds out there.

It doesn’t stop people from looking though. Think Drake, Kepler Mission etc.

But what kinds of civilisations are we going to deal with? What
can we talk about? The Omega number?

Are we going to meet Von Neumann robots, or hook up to the galactic
Will intelligent machines help us in the search, or kill us?

Will Boltzmann Brains,Matrioshka Minds or Neutron Star Computers be able
to tell us something we don’t know?

Should we make our own baby universe for experiments, or is this impossible
we are really living in a Nick Bostroem simulation?

And what about these quantum computers, quantum gravity computers and
11 dimensional branes? Will they help us find the aliens?

Please don’t hesitate to write me, if you think something is missing …. 🙂

FUT: rec.arts.sf.written


Simon Laub

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