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Sum – Forty tales from the afterlives.

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Sum – Forty tales from the afterlives.
by David Eagleman.

   Is a lovely small book. Ok, it will probably not tell you that
much about the afterlife, but certainly, there are some brilliant
insights about life here on Earth!
Lovely thought-provoking stories. Where, after reading the 40 stories,
you wish for a sequel. Perhaps in the afterlife!?




Loved the one about the Spirals:

”…In the far reaches of the multiverse lived a race of dim-witted,
obtuse creatures. To dumb to understand the universe, but clever enough
to understand that they didnt understand.
   Millenia passed by in their 5 dimensional like heavens. Then
one of them suggested that they should build supercomputers
to come up with answers.
   For millenia they worked in their timeless corner of
the multiverse. They weren’t that clever, remember?
So it took a very, very long time – but finally they came up with a
   They were happy to turn the computers on. Run them on some far away
place called Earth and see what would happen.
On completion of a run the people (for yes the super-computers were people)
would report back on all of what they had experienced.
   The experience were a surprise to all. People were surprised to wake up,
after dying, surrounded by a group of small dim-witted aliens. Eager for
life reports. Eager, actually, for a report on everything.
   And, the dim-witted aliens were surprised that some 15 billion runs
hadn’t really produced anything. Their creations reported back about
strange things like money, wars, love, feelings. All something their small brains
couldn’t really comprehend. But they knew they were dimwitted, so perhaps it
wasn’t surprising that they didn’t understand what the supercomputers 
were talking about.”


And there are many others:

”…In the afterlife you discover that life is a game.
Your interactions with other people were almost entirely
scripted from their point of view. They were actors, when they
finished talking to you they waited in back stage waiting areas,
where they got snacks from vending  machines and drank coffee
while they waited for their next
appearance in ”your life”…..”


”…When you wake up in the afterlife, the Recreators can now
reconstruct you so nicely that you don’t know what is life and what is
  It feels so real that you don’t know whether reading this text is for
the first time, or if it is a replay from something that happened aeons


”…Humans were supposed to explore the world (and love each other
only to keep the operation going) and report back. That was the masterplan
according to the Cartographers.
  The Cartographers are disappointed though. These days they scroll
through endless reels of useless data.  The head-engineer is fired.
He has created an engineering marvel that only takes pictures of itself.”


”…If you assume that explanations are a gift
from Heaven, you are only half right. It is also a punishment
designed for you in Hell. Designed to dry up lifes pleasures by
revealing their bloodlessly mechanical nature.
   But both parties overestimated humans.
Does understanding the mechanics of attraction
suck all the life out of it? Does knowing how to make wine
diminish the pleasure on the tongue? …”


”…In the afterlife you meet all the other you’s.
The better you’s. In the bookstore you will see one of them
arm in arm with the affectionate women whom you let
slip away.
It is not really nice. And you sink into a defensive posture
and go drinking with some of your lesser yous. Even
that is not necessarily good. One of them might buy rounds
for all of you.
After a while you realize that you shouldn’t have allowed these
annoying you’s to be created. ”


”When the atoms that are you are no longer you they drift apart.
But once every few millenia – just for a short while –
all your atoms pull together again. They are driven by nostalgia
to reform in the geometry that was once you.”


  Lovely stuff…




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