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The Invisible Gorilla

Christoper Chabris and Daniel Simons wonderful book ”The invisible Gorilla” is all about how our intuition deceives us. The book has its name from the authors ”basketball experiment”, where people fail to recognize a Gorilla in their midst.
Indeed, our brains routinely plays tricks on us! Sure, we may think we experience and understand the world around us. But actually, often, we can miss the gorilla standing right in front of us! When we assume there should be no gorilla in front of us, we tend not to see any gorillas, even if they are there…
The authors gorilla experiment is a brilliant illustration that looking is not necessarily seeing. But there are a myriad of other illusions out there. The ”gorillas” are lurking everywhere.

The ”Invisible Gorilla” illusion (”The monkey business illusion”):

Much more about similiar psychology experiments here.


Simon Laub

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