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Google plans to launch glasses with a heads-up display by the end of 2012

The glasses, who were previously rumored to have a front-facing camera with flash and a voice input interface, will be Android based.

They will include a display, mere inches from the wearer’s eye, streaming real-time info about your surroundings, similar to the various augmented reality applications we’ve seen on smartphones.

The data will be fetched through a 3G/4G data connection, and the glasses will retrieve information about their surroundings through GPS and several sensors.

The glasses will cost “around the price of current smartphones,” sources say. While definitely not very precise – current smartphones cost anywhere from $150 to $600 – this price range shows that Google intends the glasses as a product for the mass market.

Sort of the same functionality as on the lg optimus ?


1.Google Maps Overlay: Looking for  friend’s, stores etc.
2.Social Connections.
3.Video: Recording images/video.
4.Access to Local Reviews – on whatever you look at.

Google expects:
1. The Google HUD might finally give the search giant a chance to compete everywhere for ad space.
2. Local Paid Search – combining keyword search for position and the HUD.
3. Real-time Bidding/Related Offers: Looking at an offer – what are the competitors selling in the local area?
4. Utilizing the saved search history to guide the person around in the urban landscape.



Sources: searchenginewatch

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