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The Aarhus Riots, March 31st 2012 – And the Social Conquest of Earth

Biologist Edward Wilsons new book The Social Conquest of Earth is all about tribes.
Humans wants to belong to a tribe. Everyone, no exception. An alliance with which to jockey for power and territory, to demonize the enemy, to organize rallies and raise flags ….

From Newsweek, April 9th 2012:
Experiments conducted over many years by social psychologists have revealed how swiftly and decisely people divide into groups groups and then discriminate in favor of the one to which they belong.
Even when groups are created completely arbitrarily, prejudice quickly establish itself. “Opponents” are judged to be less likable, less fair, less trust trustworthy, less competent.

The elementary drive to form and take deep pleasure from in group membership easily transcent into tribalism….
Where, individuals might easily end up preferring the company of other with same race, nation, clan, and religion. They trust them more, relax with them better in business and social events.

And it gets worse: When the Amygdala rules the action, there is little or no guilt in the pleasure experienced from watching violent sporting events and war films, where the tribe enemies are eventually destroyed.

A global view doen’t really help the primitive parts of the human psyche – The primitive parts wants to belong to a small provincial area (I.e. remember to mention your hometown in every second word, no matter how small and insignificant that place is). Tribalism will indeed help your little and scared Amygdala feel a little better … 🙂 … Sort off,

Because, obviosly, I would advocate a more intellectual and rational approach, less primitive. But in reality thats just another tribe … 🙂

Somehow I was reminded by all of this by recent local events:


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